Sun, July 11, 2010 8:39:34 PM 
Re: Copelands update
From:Aaron Kielmann 
To:Mike Harris <copelandskennels@yahoo.com> 
wait till you see chizel...rock solid and has a huge dome.In my opinion patches and bud is the mojo match,i def. got every dime worth and then some.He would be pick of that litter in my opinion since white bulldogs are rare and very sought for.Very nice stature,and non stop drive.Chizel follows buds temperament to a tee.NUTTIN BUT A MEAT MISSLE AND A MEAT HEAD TO SAY THE LEAST.A very close friend of mine breeds razor edge/Gotti BLUE  pitbull terriers and says chizel is show quality.He also says chizel could fetch  $5000.00        HE IS NOT FOR SALE...i assured him.lol    sending picks soon...he is every bit 100#plus and loves watching T.V.....He is very protective and has only been socialized with children and other dogs. god help the fool who comes thru our window.very loyal and trained to be a off leash dog,never strays.........sincerely aaron kielmann 
Sun, October 17, 2010 6:11:23 PMPics of Maddie
From: Gabriel Martin 
To: copelandskennels@yahoo.com  


Hey Guys ,
How are y'all doin . Here's the pics of Maddie I've been draggin my butt about . She's doin just fine . I can't thank you guys enough for such a sweetheart of a bulldog ,
I don't usually play favorites but she's sure mine . Let me know what you guys think on how she's fillin out . I hope I got you some good ones to put updates on the website .
Thanks Again , Gabe

After several set-backs I finally found a breeder that is knowledgeable,professional and has a true love for the breed. Copeland's is a hard working dedicated kennel. One major attribute is that they're good listeners, paying close attention to every detail, care and concern of the dogs and prospective owner. I chose a female and can't wait to get her home. ~They get 2 thumbs up!~ 

Reviewer: Jevees, October 13, 2011    

Rikah (pronounced Ree-kah), the name I gave my female, will be 1 year old on October 10th. After several conversations with the owners, I was certain that they'd choose the right puppy for me; Rikah amazes me daily! She is a fiesty, energetic puppy with great potential! True too breed-standard, Rikah displays true-grit everyday. She's playful, loving, as well as watchful at all times. She's becoming more-and-more protective everyday, but still a Daddy's girl. To date, she's 70 pounds and growing fast. LOL~Rikah is expecting a baby brother in January from Coplands. Really excited about my boy comming home! THANKS COPELANDS!!! 

Reviewer: Jevees, August 3, 2012   

From: Dr>>>>
To: copelandskennels@yahoo.com
Big Daddy pup
Copelands we are amazed at our puppy daily! He is smart, loving and extremely responsive. Not to mention how beautiful he is. We are complimented each time he is out with us and we always refer them to you if they are interested in an American Bulldog. Having never purchased a dog online, we were hesitant. But after many conversations with Mrs. Copelands, soon realized this was the right breeder for us. And she selected the perfect family pet for us. Thank you so much for producing a quality dog and for being so in tune with your clients. Copelands gets a 10 from us!!!

C H 
Tuesday, October 18, 2011 12:16 PM

 We are so pleased with our decision to buy Bacardi from y'all!  She is a PHENOMENAL American Bulldog!  A living BUILD-A-BEAR!  A lot of people say we were crazy to drive from NORTH CAROLINA to TEXAS to get a dog.  I researched for 2 years to find the "right" bloodline.  I always kept going back to your website and your dogs!  I finally decided to make that call!  I think I kept Mike on the phone until his lunch break was over so he gave me your number.  I haven't quit bugging you since.  lol.  Anytime I call or text, you are always there to answer.  I've gotten you on the way to the vet, at the Dr.s office, emergency room, delivering pups, and with no sleep!  You always respond!   When we last looked at your page to decide what breeding we wanted to buy from, we took in consideration of all the advice you gave us.  I LOVED Big Daddy's look and my husband loved Zahara!  We finally hit the jack pot.  Now what???  Zahara had her pups and I could not wait to get to Texas.  Did I say 22 HRS of driving??!!                COPELAND'S passed the test !  We got to meet all the dogs and my husband even got to roll around and play with BAD A$$ BUD!!  He was in love and so was I!  Zahara got our left over steak for producing  "BACARDI GOLD"!!!!  She is just perfect!!  Her health, looks, temperament, smartness, and markings are unreal!  Thank you for the hard work you put into your dogs and the kennels.  CLEAN, HEALTHY, and LOVED!  I am so glad that we got to meet them and YOU in person! The dogs were way more amazing than the pictures or descriptions that you have on your website!  
    Bacardi is 4 months now and weighs 41 lbs.  She is getting huge!  Her markings and looks are just picture perfect!  Our family is so happy with the decision to have gotten her.  I can not wait to see what our girl turns out to be!  Thank you so much for all of the hospitality and help with our first American Bulldog!      Chas   

Additional references gladly provided on request..Due to privacy concerns; we have removed email addresses of our clients.
From: joshua sullivan 
To: Mike Harris <copelandskennels@yahoo.com>
Sent: Mon, August 23, 2010 9:07:37 PM
Subject: Jefferson
Hey mike and susan,
    Just wanted to send a quick email to give you an update on jefferson. He is such and awesome dog. We took him to the vet to board for the weekend and they weighed him. He clocked in at 105lbs. He is a bigun, but he thinks hes small. He is about to turn a year old and he just gets better everyday. He really enjoys playing with dad (cause he plays rough) but runs after the kids in the backyard. Its amazing how close he is to them. My youngest was sick a month ago and he stayed right by her side. He knew she wasnt feeling well and would lay his head next to her on the side of the bed. It was like somthing out of a movie. He also proved his worth as a guard dog. The other day we had some questionable characters ring the door bell at my house and I was alone. He stood right next to me at the door and he let out a loud and deep bark that seriously scared the daylights out of them. I just hope they are smart enough to not come back. I check out the website every now and then and all the little puppies are so cute. I swear if we had a bigger house I would have to get one or two more. Unfortunately jefferson takes up most of the space so we have to settle for one. Thanks again for everything.
Judine Sullivan

Hello Copelands,
      Just wanted to send a little update on Jefferson. He is now 3 years old and he is a great dog. Hopefully he has stopped growing, he weighs 115lbs. He has calmed a bit from his puppy staged but still enjoys playing with dad and the kiddos. We went camping at the beach with the family and the dogs had their own tent. Jefferson enjoyed it. When we took him to the beach he did not hesitate he ran full sprint into the water and just splashed around. One thing he does not care for are fireworks. With a house full of girls the boys stick together, but the girls do like to attack him once in a while. I hope you enjoy the pictures thanks again for everything. 

Josh and Judine Sullivan