Bad A$$ Bud is one of the largest D-Ball sons. He stands an impressive 24 inches tall, is 120 pounds of pure muscle. He also sports a massive 25 inch head. Super athletic, and agile, he loves to play, especially in the water!  He is naturally heavily muscled and is heavily boned and WIDE, great bite and conformation!  Bud puts the bully, bone and width on his pups as shown on the PRODUCED  page. Bud has a super temperment, outgoing, fun loving personality, and is a great house dog too. He is truly a head turner and attention getter where-ever he goes !!!  Bud was neutered and retired in early March 2015, but Bud's legacy will live on in his daughters, grand sons and grand daughters here at Copeland's! We are truly honored to have such an amazing dog with us. 

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  ****RETIRED****                    COPELANDS BIG DADDY OF BFK's          DOB: 05/02/09**RETIRED**
                                                 (BFK'S GIZMO X BFK'S INDIA PRINCESS)

Big Daddy is our beautiful chocolate brindle sire. He is a very impressive male and has been a very consistent producer of large, correct bulldogs. His pedigree is impressive also-he is a Stranglehold and Amadeus grandson. Big Daddy is as close to American Bulldog perfection as you can get..super thick dog, with heavy bone and not to mention that big ole' bulldog head! Big Daddy is short backed, naturally heavily muscled, has an excellent bite, conformation, and wonderful movement.  Big Daddy stats are 105 lbs.  Has a whopping 26 inch head and is 22 1/2 inches tall, super and all Bulldog! Daddy has a wonderful laid back temperament!  Daddy has always produced large, correct, thick, big headed dogs with lots of color and wonderful temperaments! Check the PRODUCED page to see pics of his beautiful, colorful puppies!

                                   COPELANDS TWO FACE   DOB: 11/20/13
Copelands proudly introduces Copelands Two Face.  His sire is Copelands Raising Cain (Big Daddy x White Liar) and his dam is Copelands Twisted Sister (Bad A$$ Bud x Zahara). Two Face is impressive in his photos, but they do no justice to seeing him in person. We were fortunate enough to have several visitors in January and February, and everyone was blown away with just how impressive he is. Cain was a 23 1/2 inches tall and 110 lbs and totally outrageous. Twisted Sister was our resident she-male at 23 inches tall and 107 lbs with an incredible body and huge head. Two Face is the male everyone is asking us about. This outstanding fella is 22 1/2 inches tall and 106 lbs., has massive bone (like both sire and dam) with a drop dead gorgeous extreme bully muzzle and big head, with a naturally heavy muscled body, he is correct in every way!  This fella just continues to get more impressive. Two Face is Copelands signature look!  He is a fantastic blend of both our foundation males Bad A$$ Bud and Big Daddy!  We expect greatness from this young male as he steps in to fill some big shoes!   Two Face has produced 3 litters and is proving to be a consistent producer of big, correct bulldogs!  
Copelands Raising Cain                Copelands Twisted Sister
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It is with a heavy heart I write this entry:  Our beloved Bud passed away peacefully, November 2.  His battle with cancer is over. Our family was blessed to have such an amazing dog placed in our care. We would like to thank Steel Rails Kennels for producing this fine dog; and Bosque Farm Kennels for giving us the honor to love and care for him till his death. All those that were lucky enough to have met Bud in person were truly awestruck by his massive size, gentle nature and laughed at his uncontrollable foot fettish, and love of the water.  Bud was truly the heart of Copelands Kennels and his voice is missed each day here. Rest in peace Bad A$$ Bud, till we meet again! 
January 2016
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Introducing Copeland's Sonic Boom aka Boomer!  DOB 11/21/15..Boomer is our Big Daddy son out of Pink Cadillac. He is perfection in an American Bulldog. Impeccable structure, clean breathing, size, muscle, bite. At present Boomer is just under 25 inches tall and 116 lbs.  His temperament is like his fathers, a big hunk of love! Boomers first puppies are here out of Suzy Q. And yes, there are some Boomers in there! We are blessed to have this fantastic male as Big Daddy's replacement, keep an eye on Boomer! He will only get better with age!