COPELANDS PATCHES OF T&R ..Patches produced 2 beautiful litters for us over the past years. She was a wonderful dog and we were blessed to have her.  Patches was retired, spayed and placed in her new forever home. This is a picture her new family sent to us after her being there only a few days!  Looks like a match made in Heaven!!! Thank you for giving Patches a wonderful, loving home and family!  
COPELANDS CONMAN aka Mugz.  This is a Patches x  Bud son.  Cooling off in the  pool with his new family.  He loves the water as much as his Dad..another great home for a Copelands dog!!!!  We are truly grateful that our dogs are going into amazing family homes! This is what the American Bulldog is supposed to be...a loving family companion and protector.  And this is what COPELANDS IS ALL ABOUT..GREAT DOGS FOR GREAT PEOPLE! 
This is Diesel at 1 yr old! He is a son of Bad A$$ Bud x Zahara.. another great dog for a great family..What an awesome babysitter..this is what Copelands American Bulldogs is striving for, wonderful dogs with outstanding temperments!!! 
This is our granddaughter Addy with Zahara, photo taken Dec. 25 2010. Zahara stuck to Addy like glue all day and days to follow afterwards. Zahara acted so strange when ever Addy would come over, following and smelling of her and licking her hands ...On a cold February day, Addy was over, Zahara again would not leave her side, and would pace back and forth whining between Addy, me and Brandy, Addy's mom. ) About 20 minutes later Addy's lips turned blue and she began acting uncontrollably and wetting thru her diaper..she was rushed to the hospital where she was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes...Zahara knew it all this time..what an amazing dog, and a blessing to our family. To this day, when Addys blood glucose is high or low, Zahara does the exact same thing... thank you Zahara for watching over our precious Addy!!! Addy is now 9 years old an Zahara is always only a few steps away, night and day!
Zahara is now retired and lives with Addy and her Mom and Dad.  She stays right by Addy's side and keeps a close watch on her. Addy has a new little sister now, and good ole' Zahara is always right there

Patches and her new pal King out of Big Daddy x Zahara another awesome family for one of our beloved puppies!!! 
Thanks yall....
Jada and Goldie out for their morning romp. Both now retired and in their forever homes!

Addy and Zahara June 30, 2012
still inseperable
Oh no I sprang a leak!! 
Here kitty, kitty!!!!  (look at right corner of pic)  This is Cain (L) and Roscoe (R) both Big Daddy sons
White Liar (aka Miley) played happily with her rope toy!  Just waiting for the chance to get into Addy's little pool to cool off and relax...
This is Ruby our 12 yr old Field Trial Lab, now retired and is our babysitter for the puppies..very patient and gentle, always does a great job..
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A year later...whose bigger now!!
Hocus Pocus with her new owner Brian! 
Golden Earring enjoys watching TV at her new home!
To left is Ruger. He is the puppy pictured above with Ruby taking a nap. He is now just over a year old and is the mascot for these 2 adorable girls cheer team! All 100+ lbs of him!
Emmy and Zahara. She is always patient and easy with the kiddos!  Bulldogs are just the best!