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****All Deposits are non-refundable! ***** Deposits can transfer to a future litter ONLY if litter you are contracted on fails to produce adequate number of puppies to cover depositers on contract, but doesn't guarantee same pick order. If litter produces enough puppies to fulfill deposits, and if depositor decides NOT to take a puppy, the deposit is forfeited and can not be transferred. (Example: if you are the 3rd depositor for a female and we only have 3 females, the 3rd female IS your puppy. If you decide not to accept that puppy; your deposit is forfeited.) We can not guarantee color or markings!  We only take a few deposits to hopefully avoid problems; but after all; Mother Nature is in charge. Also, we reserve the right to select puppies from any litter and all puppies after breeder selection(s) are offered for sale in the order in which deposits were received. 
Please be sure to read our CONTRACT before you send your deposit. It usually answers many questions you may have. Our contract is very clear in how we conduct business and ship our puppies.   Shipping for our dogs is by ground service only. And is not available to all states, unfortunately. You may request whether our shippers service your area. We do not fly our dogs.  Everyone is always welcome to pick up their puppy in person, meet us and see our beautiful dogs and kennels!.  Contracts MUST be signed and sent to us within 7 business days of placing your deposit, or deposit is forfeited. If you have any questions please call prior to placing your deposits. We are always happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. References available upon request.
Susan and Mike,
My family and I Just wanted to thank you guys for our sweet Reina. After searching for what seemed to be an eternity I finally came across your website. I was very impressed with the pictures of your dogs. I have seen many American Bulldogs but not any I feel with the true American Bulldog look you guys are producing at Copeland Kennels. This would be our third American Bulldog and I thought I knew it all and owned the best looking Bulldogs already. Don’t get me wrong our previous American Bulldogs were nice looking but not like yours. After talking to you for several minutes, I realized I still have a lot to learn. You answered all my questions and even though I had 100 questions about the breed and the buying process you always answered them professionally and promptly. If I remember correctly you were dealing with several birthing mothers, late nights with puppies and you always found time to get back to me. As much as we talked and texted I now consider you a friend and not just a kennel I bought a dog from like the previous breeders I have dealt with. I fell in love with your dogs in the pictures but when my family and I went to pick up Reina you gave us a tour of the kennel, I actually met Big Daddy and the others. You know the saying that cameras add 10 pounds to you? I think it was the other way around with your dogs. I thought they were big in the pictures but they are so much bigger in person. I could of stayed and played forever. Reina not only has beautiful markings but she is smart and is doing awesome! Reina is only 9 weeks old but the kids have started training her with the basics. She comes and sits with no problem but the stay command is proving to be a little difficult. She’s a typical puppy in that respect. Reina and our French Bulldog (Pearl) are the best of friends. They sleep on the same doggie bed that was Pearl’s together. I’m afraid that in the short time we have had her they are already out growing that bed and we will need to get them a lot bigger one. Reina is doing great with potty training and I think that has a lot to do with the doggie door you trained her with in the whelping room. I don’t know if you planned that but again that is a great idea to get them started young. That shows me that you are one step ahead of all the other breeders. She goes to our door and lets us know she has to go. She has transitioned well into our family and loves being around the kids. She roughhouses with the boys and me but cuddle’s with my daughter. That is something you can’t teach at this age but again tells me you are breeding sound body and minded dogs. 

The Garay Family

I recently purchased a pup from Copeland American Bulldogs. My pup is beautiful, smart, and healthy. My pup was delivered with registration papers along with health records. I was very impressed with their professionalism and honesty. If you are looking to buy a pup, I strongly recommend that you consider Copeland American Bulldogs. Sincerely, Alvin Riley.

​ Best puppy buying experience I've ever had 
This is the best breed er I have ever worked with. They are so knowledgeable and willing to help. I live 9 hours away and making the drive to get the puppy we wanted was nearly impossible with our schedule. The breeder made it happen and had the puppy driven to us at a very reasonable price. Our puppy came exactly as expected and she accurately described her personality. She is STUNNING. Her coloring is amazing and the muscle tone on her is great already. She is perfect and we are very thankful. I HIGHLY recommend this breeder to anyone wanting a high quality dog from high quality people. 
Reviewer: cassidy, January 18, 2016 [ Delete ] 


  Copelands produces quality American Bulldogs ! 
I purchased a puppy from Copeland's American Bulldogs in April 2015. He has a great temperament and is extremely athletic. He has done very well with other dogs and children. Our puppy goes with us everywhere and is truly part of the family. I drove 15 hours to Amarillo and I can assure anyone contemplating the purchase of a puppy from Copeland's that their property,kennels, and knowledge of the breed are truly first rate. I would highly recommend Copeland's to anyone looking to to buy an American Bulldog 
Reviewer: Shawn, January 18, 2016 [ Delete ] 


  Life changing experience 
Well after having our first american bulldog TUFF put down at five, we we're a greiving family when we contacted Mike and Susan Harris! After speaking with them over phone we get like family and friends right off the bat, and it was the communication and the support they offered us during our time of greiving that let us know we had the right breeder! They did not push or rush they actually told us to take the time to grieve and that was good advise! After purchasing Maximus from them there was a laughter and love that returned to our home! I have never owned a dog with this quality attributes he is why you would call a perfect package, from the bone structure, the beautiful sqaure head, huge feet and eyes that could stop a freight train in its tracks! My dog is in a word unbelievable! Breeding like this only can come from a program with a foundation of excellence! 
Reviewer: Kellie, January 15, 2016 [ Delete ] 


  Copeland's Bulldogs are top notch! 
Boz ,from Copeland's Bulldogs is our male puppy we received in January. The Copeland's made the whole process from breeding to picking up our pup a wonderful experience. My wife and I had the pleasure of visiting their kennels and we left very impressed. The pictures on their web site are good , but when we saw their dogs in person we were blown away! There are many breeders out there to choose from , but do your research , you really do get what you pay for. I highly recommend Copeland's Bulldogs, their American Bulldogs really are top notch! 
Reviewer: Shaun, January 14, 2016 [ Delete ] 


  Exceeded Our Expectations!!! 
We weren't sure what to expect with a breeder, but these guys were AWESOME from the very start. They kept us updated on every step of the breeding, when they first found out she was pregnant, pictures of her while she pregnant and the pictures of all the puppies just after they were born up until the day we got him. It made choosing very easy. They answered every question we had right away. The vet said he was in perfect health and perfect condition and from how social the puppy was, he could tell that the breeders did a lot of interacting and spent alot of time with the puppies. Their kennels were so clean and spacious. You can tell they really care about their well being. Oh and I gotta just say...our little guy was pretty much house broken! AMAZING! We will definitely use them again and will recommend them to everyone. We were blown away with Copelands American Bulldogs. The Tanners 
Reviewer: Toni, July 15, 2015 [ Delete ] 

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  Jevees - Rikah, is almost 1 year old. 
Rikah (pronounced Ree-kah), the name I gave my female, will be 1 year old on October 10th. After several conversations with the owners, I was certain that they'd choose the right puppy for me; Rikah amazes me daily! She is a fiesty, energetic puppy with great potential! True too breed-standard, Rikah displays true-grit everyday. She's playful, loving, as well as watchful at all times. She's becoming more-and-more protective everyday, but still a Daddy's girl. To date, she's 70 pounds and growing fast. LOL~Rikah is expecting a baby brother in January from Coplands. Really excited about my boy comming home! THANKS COPELANDS!!! 
Reviewer: Jevees, August 3, 2012 [ Delete ] 


After several set-backs I finally found a breeder that is knowledgeable,professional and has a true love for the breed. Copeland's is a hard working dedicated kennel. One major attribute is that they're good listeners, paying close attention to every detail, care and concern of the dogs and prospective owner. I chose a female and can't wait to get her home. ~They get 2 thumbs up!~ 
Reviewer: Jevees, October 13, 2011 [ 

Below are a few customer reviews and feedback we have received. We feel continued contact with clients is the best way to know if your breeding program is a success. We work extremely hard to produce amazing companions and guardians for great people wanting a high quality pet.  And a picture is truly worth a thousand words, and we love pictures of our fur-babies! This has always been our policy and will continue to be. We take pride in our dogs and kennels and the relationships we have built over the years with all our clients. Honesty, integrity and producing a great product are the most important things in having a successful business. If your looking for a professional breeder who will always be there for you, day or night, you have found them! We truly appreciate you taking time to read our reviews.  Please let us know if you would like references, we are happy to provide them for you. 
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I made a trip from Ks. to Tx. last Nov., to purchase 2 female puppies from Copelands. She was so friendly & helpful, eager to answer my questions. All the papers were ready to go, along with up to date shot records. I couldn't have been treated any better. We have stayed in contact & Susan is eager to answer any questions I have. The 2 little puppies have turned into 2 awesome 6 month old dogs!! Thank you Susan for such a delightful experience!! JMoates January 2017

 I just purchased a female American bulldog from Copeland Kennels. I would just like to say, this was the absolute BEST puppy buying experience. After calling several references, everyone had wonderful things to say. She even has shippers to drive the puppy right to your front door. She loves the puppies and you can tell. Mine is an absolute doll. She has AMAZING temperament already and she is stunning. She has great muscle tone already. Just like the pictures. She came with all the correct paperwork and COPELANDS has been AMAZING answering all my questions. Susan is so helpful. I just wanted to share a positive experience I had and if anyone is looking definitely check them out. 
CM January, 2017

Thank you so much for all the updates and photos. I'm so happy I decided to buy a puppy from you because you go above and beyond as a breeder. JBice Sept 2016

First of all me my wife and the boys wanted to say thanks for the
opportunity to have
Texas Bruno apart of our family. We went back and forth on so many
different breeders for months and months, and finally decided to go with
copeland. The best thing was that Susan made us feel so comfortable with
our decision considering that fact that we leave in CA and Bruno was coming
from Texas. The references, the pictures the updates, the quality this is
what made it easy for us. Overall me my wife and the our four boys Michael,
Danny, Matthew, and Anthony are happy with Bruno, we couldn't ask for
anything better, his colored eyes, his coat, his personality, and his still
a pup, we can't wait to see how he turns out. Truly some of the best, just
look at the website or just call.
From the Fernandez family thanks. August 2016

retired vet 
i recently purchased a puppy from copeland and i must say,in all my years i have never seen american bulldogs so well structured, perfect form's and my puppy's temperment is five star. if anyone is looking for an american bulldog above all others then copelands is the one. 

Reviewer: Robert B, August 27, 2016 [ Delete ]

We are also on Facebook, just search Copelands American Bulldogs! Many of our clients have photos of their Copelands fur-babies on our group page! We welcome and encourage you to go to the page and see for yourselves..a picture is worth a thousand words! As well as communicate with our clients. Most have more than one of Copelands amazing bulldogs. So please, check it out!
We will have puppies coming in the Fall.  Sonic Boom aka Boomer and Delilah will be bred on her next expected cycle. This is a line breeding on Big Daddy and Pink Cadillac. An absolutely amazing pairing of incredibly well structured dogs, with excellent temperaments and those amazing beautiful bulldogs good looks, with size and thickness. Also, Mugz and Ziggy Stardust will be bred. This is our first breeding with Mugz, so we are anxious to see what he produces. He throws a good percentage of blues and blue fawns!  Mugz and Ziggy are a perfect matchup. Both are extremely bully, with happy go lucky personalities. Nice thick, structurally correct pups, with excellent old school bloodlines in both litters. Ziggy is a Bad A$$ Bud granddaughter, so that mix of old Buds blood makes us very happy to continue his lineage within both our upcoming breedings.. Pictorial pedigrees are on the males and females pages uunder each dogs banner.  If your looking for a high quality companion, take a look at these planned breedings. We think you will be impressed with the quality and service Copelands American Bulldogs has always offered its clients!  Call today 806-335-6797
Copelands Delilah                                               Copelands Sonic Boom aka Boomer
Copelands Ziggy Stardust                                                                           Copelands Mugzy
We are accepting a limited number of deposits for the two advertised litters at this time. Copelands accepts Visa and Mastercard credit card payments (please add 4% upcharge for processing) PayPal is preferred method of payments, Wal-Mart to Wal-Mart money transfers, Western Union. Deposits are $400 non-refundable to reserve your pick order and puppies are $1800 to $1250 with NKC registration (full or pet only).