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****Deposits are $400 non-refundable! ***** Deposits can transfer to a future litter ONLY if litter you are contracted on fails to produce adequate number of puppies to cover depositers on contract, but doesn't guarantee same pick order. If litter produces enough puppies to fulfill deposits, and if depositor decides NOT to take a puppy, the deposit is forfeited and can not be transferred. (Example: if you are the 3rd depositor for a female and we only have 3 females, the 3rd female IS your puppy. If you decide not to accept that puppy; your deposit is forfeited.) We can not guarantee color or markings!  We only take a few deposits to hopefully prevent this, but after all; Mother Nature is in charge. Also, we reserve the right to select puppies from any litter and all puppies after breeder selection(s) are offered for sale in the order in which deposits were received. This has been our policy since 2008.
Please be sure to read our CONTRACT before you send your deposit. It usually answers many questions you may have. Our contract is very clear in how we conduct business and ship our puppies.   Shipping for our dogs is by ground service only. And is not available to all states, unfortunately. You may request whether our shippers service your area. We do not fly our dogs.  Everyone is always welcome to drive and pick up their puppy in person, meet us and see our beautiful dogs and kennels!.  Contracts MUST be signed and sent to us within 7 business days of placing your deposit, or deposit is forfeited. If you have any questions please call prior to placing your deposits. We are always happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. References available upon request.

Jewel is available for sale with or without breeding rights.  Jewel has produced two beautiful litters.  She raised all her live birth puppies, (one puppy stillborn). Very easy breeder and natural whelper.  She is a very sweet female and although has never been housetrained, does incredibly well inside a home. She has had both litters in our homes and is very content there. Jewel is a large female at about 24 inches tall and 95-100 pounds normal weight. We prefer a pet home but would consider her being sold with breeding rights to a small hobby breeder.  She will be spayed and no paperwork will be conveyed with the pet only option...she will not be ready until late August or early September with the pet home option. She must be spayed and recovered prior to pet only placement. She does well with other dogs, and is just a very kind and humble dog that deserves a great family to love her, (pet or breeding home).  Her price for breeding rights option is $1400, pet option is $550. References are required and verified. We are extremely particular about the homes our dogs go to. We prefer to SPEAK to prospective buyers so calls only NO TEXTS.  Ground shipping is NOT included.  Call 806-335-6797..
Jewels mother Tesla. She is a Bad A$$ Bud and Zahara daughter..now retired.
To left is BullyBadAss Bulldogs Lightning Strike. Lightning is Jewels Sire. 
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