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****Deposits are $400 non-refundable! ***** Deposits can transfer to a future litter ONLY if litter you are contracted on fails to produce adequate number of puppies to cover depositers on contract, but doesn't guarantee same pick order. If litter produces enough puppies to fulfill deposits, and if depositor decides NOT to take a puppy, the deposit is forfeited and can not be transferred. (Example: if you are the 3rd depositor for a female and we only have 3 females, the 3rd female IS your puppy. If you decide not to accept that puppy; your deposit is forfeited.) We can not guarantee color or markings!  We only take a few deposits to hopefully prevent this, but after all; Mother Nature is in charge. Also, we reserve the right to select puppies from any litter and all puppies after breeder selection(s) are offered for sale in the order in which deposits were received. This has been our policy since 2008.
Please be sure to read our CONTRACT before you send your deposit. It usually answers many questions you may have. Our contract is very clear in how we conduct business and ship our puppies.   Shipping for our dogs is by ground service only. And is not available to all states, unfortunately. You may request whether our shippers service your area. We do not fly our dogs.  Everyone is always welcome to drive and pick up their puppy in person, meet us and see our beautiful dogs and kennels!.  Contracts MUST be signed and sent to us within 7 business days of placing your deposit, or deposit is forfeited. If you have any questions please call prior to placing your deposits. We are always happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have. References available upon request.

                                          Pictorial pedigrees are on Breedings Page for both breedings


This is the breeding everyone has been inquiring about for months! And it has finally happened! Copelands Pink Cadillac has been bred to our super impressive Raising Cain son, Two Face. Puppies will arrive late April. Caddy is a heavy Wholly Bully bred female and super athletic female with a killer pedigree, her current stats are 22 1/2 inches tall and 80 lbs lean. Two Face is a extremely bully male with massive bone, huge head and his current stats are 23 inches tall and 90 lean pounds. These two are near perfect in every way, with great temperaments and we expect lots of color in this litter. Deposits are $400 non refundable. First pick of male and female are priced at $1800, all others are priced at $1500. We reserve 1st pick male and female puppies for our breeding program on all litters, HOWEVER, should we decide not to keep  our first pick puppies, those puppies will be offered to those already on deposit in the order of the deposits. Prices are with NKC registration. THE DEPOSIT PROCESS IS CLOSED ON THIS LITTER.. however, due to the amount of interest in Two Face puppies, we are accepting names and contact information for a waiting list. Once puppies are born, we will contact those on the waiting list for an opportunity to place a deposit to secure their pick order. Call for more details. 806-335-6797..Puppies are due around April 29, if you are on the waiting list, please be prepared to place your deposit via PayPal. If you are not enrolled in PayPal, please do so now.

Copelands I'ma Twisted Sister 2 and Copelands Cutting Edge of Bullybadass Bulldogs Planned Breeding Fall 2015

This pair are both Bad A$$ Bud grand offspring. So for those of you that love the Old School looks of Bad A$$ Bud, this ones for you! Many of our amazing foundation dogs are in this line-up! Crazy bone on both these amazing dogs with the beautiful bulldog heads everyone has come to know us for. Structure is amazing, massive bone on both, huge front and rear ends, perfect head types. A pair made in heaven! Pedigrees are full of large, correct, old school dogs. Twisted Sister 2 is a Raising Cain daughter and sister to Two Face. Cutter is only 10 months old now and is already super impressive, and making lots of noise in the world! His stats currently are 22 1/2 inches tall and 90lbs. Cutter is going to become a monster! He is out of Bullybadass True Titan, our oldest Bud son. Twister 2 is 21 1/2 inches tall and 80+ lbs currently. We will be doing this breeding in the Fall of 2015 and are currently taking deposits for 2nd and 3rd pick males and 3rd pick female only. Deposits are $400 non-refundable. First pick puppies are $1800 each and all others are priced at $1500 each..We reserve 1st pick male and female puppies for our breeding program on all litters, HOWEVER, should we decide not to keep a first pick puppy, those puppies will be offered to those already on deposit in the order of the deposits. Prices are with NKC registration. Once puppies are born, we will reopen the deposit process as necessary. Call 806-335-6797
Lacey of Chasteens aka Alice, is a Wrecking Bull daughter out of CH. Chasteens Rockzann  She is a beautiful dog, very nice bone and a wonderful fun loving personality. Her current stats at present are just over 75 lbs and 19-20 inches tall. We were told by her previous owner, that she was his personal housedog. Alice does get along well with male dogs, we have no knowledge of how she is with small children. At this time we are looking for a PET home for Alice. Spay will be required by purchaser but NO REGISTRATION PAPERWORK ON PET SALE.  PET ONLY PRICE IS $500. We would consider selling her to a RESPONSIBLE breeder, (we will be very selective on all prospective purchasers) She had to be c-sectioned on her last litter, and can not be bred again until December to ensure a full recovery.  Contractual conditions will apply if being sold with full NKC registration.  She was an awesome, attentive mother.  FULL NKC REGISTRATION PRICE IS $1000. Alice loves to be with you, riding in the car, and really prefers to be inside. Please call for more details and pricing..NO TEXTS. 806-335-6797
                                                    click link below to view her impressive pedigree

 Tess is out of  Chasteens Lacey and Copelands Big Daddy.  She is a Wrecking Bull and Stranglehold granddaughter. Tess will be 9 wks old on April 21, 2015. Lots of personality and drive deluxe, very bully with beautiful color. Her grandmother is a champion. Great bloodlines. All age appropriate vaccinations and NKC registration.  Shipping is NOT included. Call for more info. 806-335-6797         SOLD     to one of our repeat customers. Thank you Brian! Tara and Muddy will be excited.