Copeland’s American Bulldogs
                                                         Puppy Purchase Agreement

Copeland’s American Bulldogs has received a $400 non refundable deposit in the form of Pay Pal transfer on _______________________ from purchaser:
Enter name address phone # below: ______________________________________________________________________
This deposit reserves a (pick order )_____________male/female (select sex) puppy offered for sale from: (enter name of sire/dam)
Sire:  Copelands ______________________________________
Dam: Copelands ______________________________________

 ****Copeland's reserves the right to keep puppies from any litter for future breeding stock and puppies offered for sale are AFTER breeder selection(s).  We can not guarantee color or markings! We only take a few deposits to hopefully prevent problems, but after all; Mother Nature is in charge.Selection of puppies offered for sale are done in the order in which deposits were received! Please call prior to placing deposit to ensure openings are available. Your signed contract must be received within 7 days of placing deposit or deposit is forfeited*****  Selection of puppies will be made when pups are 5-7 weeks of age,  you will be notified of selection date via text, email or phone call and selection must be made within 24 hours of selection date indicated,(selections are done in the order of deposits received) and puppy chosen must be submitted via email with photo attached.   
Purchase price of this puppy is $__________. Balance must be paid in full immediately following selection of puppy, no exceptions.  We only accept PayPal, Wal-Mart fund transfers or Western Union for payment.  Puppies will be ready for pick up or delivery when they are  7-8 weeks of age.  ***Copeland’s ONLY ships puppies and dogs by ground service, no exceptions. 
Also a condition of this contract--Purchaser also agrees to send photos of puppy purchased to Copelands American Bulldogs so we can monitor our breeding program. If you are unwilling to provide photos of your puppy, please look for another breeder. Please note we only offer ground shipping of our dogs. All fees associated with ground shipping are the buyers responsibility. Copeland’s is not responsible for any costs relating to shipping.
ALL DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE.  ***** Deposits can transfer to a future litter ONLY if litter you are contracted on fails to produce adequate number of puppies to cover depositors on contract, but doesn't guarantee same pick order. If litter produces enough puppies to fulfill deposits, and if depositor decides NOT to take a puppy, the deposit is forfeited and can not be transferred. (Example: if you are the 3rd depositor for a female and we only have 3 females, the 3rd female IS your puppy. If you decide not to accept that puppy; your deposit is forfeited.)  Also, we reserve the right to select puppies from any litter and all puppies after breeder selection(s) are offered for sale in the order in which deposits were received.
Please be sure to read our CONTRACT before you send your deposit. It usually answers many questions you may have. Our contract is very clear in how we conduct business and ship our puppies. Contracts MUST be signed and sent to us within 7 business days of placing your deposit, or deposit is forfeited!
Payment for balance due on puppies is due immediately following selection of puppy via PayPal, WalMart to WalMart funds transfer or Western Union...no exceptions!

Both parties agree and accept this contract by signatures below.

Seller :_________________________________________________________________________
Copeland’s American Bulldogs

Buyer Signature:_________________________________________________________________
Phone #:

Once you have placed your deposit, simply print Purchase Agreement, fill in requested information, enter pick order # and sex of puppy placing deposit for, name of Sire and Dam to litter which you are reserving a puppy, and enter price of puppy reserving, sign, scan and email to us. If you do not have access to a scanner, you can postal mail to us, but Purchase Contracts must be received within 7 business days of placing deposit. Please call for mailing address.