Copeland's American Bulldogs is located in Amarillo, Texas! We specialize in the "bully" American Bulldog, with excellent dispositions, conformation and great bulldog looks. It is our goal to provide the average working family with the best dogs possible and to enhance the American Bulldog breed for the purpose in which they were intended.  Copelands American Bulldogs is "old school".  We want our dogs to be what an American Bulldog is supposed to be, a loyal, loving yet protective dog, with an intimidating look, and a dog that is a pleasure to be around. Here, our dogs are turned out at liberty every day and get their exercise naturally, playing with another dog. Also, we prefer a fresh, red meat diet for our dogs.  This is what nature intended dogs to eat and we feed fresh, red raw meat as often a possible; especially during our brutal winter months. We prefer our dogs to go to family homes only. Breeding American Bulldogs is NOT for everyone!
We are dog lovers first and foremost; and have 40+ years experience in the dog business. Most of my life has been devoted to training and breeding bird dogs, but decided it was time for a change. We finally found our beautiful male Bad A$$ Bud and the rest is history.  All our dogs have been carefully selected for their wonderful temperments, conformation and excellent bully looks!
Our dogs enjoy a life of leisure, are spoiled rotten, receive  impeccable care, and most importantly, lots of love and attention!  Many are housetrained, enjoy country living, have lots of room to romp. Our outside kennels are equipped with mister systems, and are covered for protection from the elements, and have plenty of shade.  Our indoor/outdoor kennels are climate controlled for year round protection and comfort for our dogs.  Copeland's uses minimal concrete, our indoor/outdoor kennel has concrete flooring inside only. We use a sand and lime based foundation, with about 8 inches of pea gravel as flooring for our dogs.  As well, all our puppies are hand delivered in our home, and raised in our home with daily handling, love and attention to give them the socialization head-start that is the foundation for a fantastic family companion and guardian.  We have 2 very large puppy yards so the puppies can romp, play and explore in safety and comfort.  Also, we enclosed just over 1 acre of our property so that our dogs can be turned out in complete safety for a good run and to play and exercise at liberty in a secure environment.  We have over 9 acres and things are always changing and expanding to meet the demands of our business.  Our facilities are large, clean and very well maintained.  The health and comfort of our dogs and puppies are our priority!  We are a registered business with the State of Texas Comptroller, and follow all state and local laws in accordance with Pet Breeding and Sales regulations, sales tax is charged at 6.25% on every puppy sold in the state of Texas. Check out our facilities below.   
If you are looking for your next companion, and a well rounded family dog, you have found the right place. We strive for the complete package in our bulldogs: size, great disposition, conformation, and intelligence, and to be your best friend and loyal family protector. Visitors welcome!

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Bad A$$ Bud is a Matrix grandson and is one of our foundation males. Rest in Peace Bud!
Big Daddy is a Stranglehold grandson and is one of our foundation males and most popular male~~RETIRED
Two Face is a Raising Cain son; a Big Daddy grandson, as well as a Bad A$$ Bud grandson; and proving to be an amazing producer like his grandfathers! 
Boomer is our Big Daddy son out of Pink Cadillac. He is our Big Daddy replacement. Boomer is pictured at 18 months old in this photo and an absolute mountain of a Bulldog! We are super excited about Boomer and his future here at Copelands! 
Brangus is out of  Bullybadass Princess Kyra, who is Big Daddy's sister.  His sire is Red Canon Kennels Grudge; a Rippen Ruben son.  Brangus is also a tremendous Bulldog and we are excited to see his contributions to our program.